This rite of passage requires an
individualized ceremony that unites two people as they begin one life together. Suzi can help you express just the right words and sentiments to celebrate everything from first time marriages, to repeat marriages, renewal of vows, and commitment ceremonies.

Suzi's Promise to You:

“I acknowledge and honor the values and the special gifts that each of you bring to your marriage. I commit to creating the perfect ceremony that joins you in this sacred union.”


Suzi Freeman works closely with every couple to personalize their ceremony. Whether it's including a personal or humorous anecdote, or working with a bride and groom to write their own wedding ceremony vows, she helps to create a meaningful and memorable wedding service.

Suzi's spiritual experience is eclectic. She works with inter-faith couples quite frequently. She is open and willing to include traditions and ceremonial practices from various beliefs and religions.

In a ceremony where the bride was Catholic and the groom was Jewish, Suzi incorporated the “Kiss of Peace” from the bride’s tradition, which is a lovely wish for peace from the bride and groom to their families and guests. The couple ended their ceremony with the “breaking of the glass” from the groom's tradition, which symbolizes the sealing of the wedding vows.

Just recently Suzi performed a wedding ceremony on the beach in Naples, FL where the bride and groom chose to “Jump the Broom” at the close of the ceremony. The jumping of the broom is an African tradition. The bride and groom jump over a be-ribboned and decorative broom to symbolize moving into their new life as a married couple.

Suzi has also performed wedding ceremonies with prayers and songs from various Eastern traditions. One of Suzi’s favorite wedding rituals is the Native American butterfly release at the conclusion of the ceremony. The butterfly symbolizes rebirth, regeneration and new life!

There have been many times when Suzi has included the children of the bride and/or the groom in the wedding service. In this way the children feel honored and acknowledged as an important part of the new family unit that is being formed.

Suzi officiates at a great number of beach weddings, where the Hawaiian Sand Ceremony is a wonderful alternative to a Unity Candle ceremony. The bride and groom pour colored sand into a keepsake bottle to symbolize their individuality and their commitment to each other as they begin a new life together.

You can count on Suzi to come up with just the right words to express your deepest feelings of love and joy during your wedding ceremony. Suzi’s calm and centered approach to preparing and presenting your wedding ceremony is like an oasis of peace amidst all of your wedding preparations.

We provide each couple with a parchment copy of their wedding ceremony vows to place in their wedding album.

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