Suzi Freeman

Suzi Freeman founded Special Florida Weddings in 2002. Initially she performed all of the ceremonies herself, but the energy created by her philosophy and commitment has resulted in a growing demand for her services. To meet this need, Suzi has invited four additional officiants to join her.

Suzi has a Graduate Degree in religious studies from Unity School in Kansas City, MO. She is dedicated to the transforming work of spirit through the practices of meditation, affirmative prayer, and service to others. She has no connection or affiliation with any denominational organization.



Dorothy Peltier-Fanchi

A retreat coordinator and presenter since 1999, Dorothy has facilitated classes in spiritual development and prosperity. She is the author of Butterflies and Dreams, a guide to fulfilling your heart's desire.

Dorothy loves conducting weddings. She delights in bringing people together and is honored to witness and participate in the joyous coupling of two souls.


Phil Schlafer

Phil serves as Minister of Unity Church of Bonita Springs, FL. He was ordained as a minister in 1982. Since then, he has officiated at over 2,000 weddings in New Orleans, Orlando, Toledo and Southwest Florida. These weddings have been celebrated at churches, resort hotels, homes, beaches, parks, and once aboard a hot-air balloon.  Phil's expresses his enthusiasm as an officiant, stating, "It is my joy to be part of the love and joy that is part of every wedding."




Julie Verrier

Ordained as a minister by the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Julie is not affiliated with any denominational organization. Recognizing that each individual has his or her own spiritual path, Julie remains faithful to her belief in a higher being and the power of free will.

Julie is an active Yoga student and practices daily meditation to achieve a more enlightened life. Her background includes over 15 years of wedding and event planning, managing a myriad of personalities working together toward a common goal, all while maintaining a unique sense of humor.

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